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Own harvesting of selected Carpathian wood
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Wooden houses

KOLEO is engaged in the construction of wooden houses in the Transcarpathian region and Ukraine. Such houses are environmentally friendly, with excellent thermal insulation, and are built in a short time. We approach the construction of a small bathhouse or an elite mansion with the same care, doing everything to make your dreams come true and reality exceed expectations.

Our main principle is an individual approach to each client!


Technologies for the construction of wooden houses


Wild log house - houses made of hand-cut logs

A “wild” log house is the oldest way to build a wooden house. However, it is so self-sufficient and impeccable that it is still relevant today.


Wooden houses made of cylindrical logs

Ecological purity of the material, lightness and reliability of the structure with short construction time are the advantages inherent in the traditional technology of building wooden houses from a cylindrical log


Houses made of profiled timber

A processed log with a rectangular cross-section and a wide longitudinal groove. The perfect choice for a four-season home



The modular type of construction allows you to transport the finished house effortlessly to any location.


a-frame house

The house of a minimalist aesthete for a modern comfortable life. Such houses are also ideal for guest houses and recreation centers.


Wooden houses made of glued beams

It has a number of advantages in terms of strength, tightness of the crowns and thermal insulation properties, but is less environmentally friendly compared to a solid profiled beam for wooden houses






Stability and speed of installation combined with an attractive aesthetic appearance.

House project: CHALET 001

Area: 113 м2

Size: 9 x 12

Bedrooms: 2-3

Bathrooms: 1

Style: Chalet

Price: from 499 € m2



Environmental friendliness and savings are the main advantages in construction.

House project: ALONZO

Area: 190м2

Size: 10 х 11

Rooms: 5

Bathrooms: 2

Style: Chalet

Price: from 300 € m2



Ancient construction technology is a combination of experience and modern craftsmanship.

House project: DAROMIR

Area: 213м2

Size: 12 x 16

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2

Style: Log Cabin

Price: from 300 € m2



A quick solution for country living, personal vacation, or a profitable travel business idea.

House project: BARN 60

Area: 60м2

Size: 9.6 x 6.75

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 1

Style: Barn

Cost: from 800 USD per 1 m2



A durable and aesthetically pleasing material for construction is a successful manifestation of taste in the lap of nature.

House project: GOSTEMIL

Area: 163м2

Size: 12 x 13

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2

Style: Country

Cost: from 265 USD per 1 m2



Standard design solutions for comfortable rest and health in households and businesses

Sauna project: DORA

Area: 55м2

Size: 13 x 6

Bathrooms: 1

Style: Swedish Style

Cost: from 265 USD per 1 m2

image_шале_готелі_будівництво_деревяні будинки_КОЛЕО

"Our chalet-style wooden houses are built using only the best materials to ensure the strength and durability of the structure. We offer a variety of floor plans so that you can find a home that suits your needs and budget."

image_шале_отелі_будівництво_деревяні будинки_КОЛЕО
photo_High-tech design_Колео

"The high-tech style attracts with its minimalism, strict geometry, and desire for high technology. So far, it is not very common for house building in Ukraine. Therefore, the choice of this style for suburban wooden eco-housing is an opportunity to get something that no one else has."

High tech Колео

The main advantages and positive aspects of a house made of wood

Our grandfathers, great-grandfathers and their ancestors have been building houses from wood for centuries


The oldest wooden house that has survived to this day was built in the 11th century. The building is located on the island of Strom, Denmark.

Great atmosphere and microclimate

A wooden house is able to independently control and keep the humidity and freshness of the air within the normal range.

Excellent thermal insulation and optimal humidity conditions

A 15 cm thick wooden wall is comparable in thermal conductivity to a 64 cm thick brick wall.

Aesthetic appearance

The atmosphere inside is warm and cozy, which is so lacking in cloudy weather. And on a sunny day, you'll feel like you're merging with nature while having breakfast on the terrace.

Environmentally friendly material

Wood is essentially a unique, natural, breathable material grown by Flora herself.

Wooden buildings do not require interior decoration

The structure of natural wood is pleasing to the eye and has a positive effect on the body.

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picture_проектні роботи_будівництво дерев’яних будинків_Колео

Design work

The more attention you pay to the preparation of the project, the better the final result will be. An architect will help you decide on the type of wooden house, its location and layout. On the basis of the project, an estimate is developed – an accurate calculation of the cost of materials and work for the construction of a wooden house, which helps to avoid unforeseen excess costs and problems during construction.

picture_виробництво дерев’яних будинків_КОЛЕО


The production process consists of many stages, from harvesting and sorting wood to processing the log in the production shop, which is used to make all the necessary parts for the construction of a wooden house.

image_фундаментні роботи_дерев’янібудинки_Колео

Foundation works

The construction of foundations is one of the most important stages of construction work when building a wooden house. The foundation must strictly comply with the physical, chemical and geometric parameters laid down in the project, so no mistakes are allowed in the construction of foundations. This list of works should be carried out by experienced specialists with third-party technical supervision to ensure compliance with all technological processes, so that your home will be comfortable for generations.

picture_зведення стін будинку_дерев’янібудинки_Колео

Erection of house walls

To expertly and accurately coordinate the construction process, monitor the mechanics of assembling the walls of a wooden house and the quality of work on the construction site, a foreman is employed. A specialist with a higher professional education, with extensive experience in various complexity of construction works, responsible for the result.

image_монтаж даху_дерев’янібудинки_Колео

Installation of the roof

After the foundation and walls are built, we proceed to the last no less important stage in the construction of a wooden house – the installation of the roof. The roof is the part of the house that is most affected by climatic factors. Even at the design stage, engineers calculate structural solutions that will withstand the load on the protection system, which is the roof. This way, there will be no mistakes during the installation of the rafter system. The safety of the building and the comfort of its residents depend on the quality of all the work.

picture_монтаж інженерних мереж_дерев’янібудинки_Колео

Installation of engineering networks

It is best to plan the installation of the main engineering communications (electricity, gas, water supply and sewage) of a wooden house that provide comfortable living conditions at the design stage.



One of the most important tasks of finishing wooden houses is to preserve the ecological properties of wood, convey the pristine beauty and healing properties of the natural material, and highlight and emphasize natural lines.

For us, building houses from wood is much more than just a foundation, walls and roof. We value your trust and approach your tasks expertly, comprehensively, and with responsibility for the result.

Architecture is a reflection of culture, development, views and opportunities. It seems to me that it is more important to talk not about the perfection of architecture, but about its appropriateness, and it is very important to be able to find aesthetics even where the possibilities are limited.


My building collection includes 23 houses made of wood. And they are all different. All of them are built on a turnkey basis. Most of them from scratch. I had to design some of them myself.
I always tell my friends, "My advice will not cost you anything, but it will save you a lot of money."

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Order a calculation of the cost of construction


    Where to start construction?

    Building your own wooden house is a difficult and expensive undertaking. Read our publication about the initial stages of construction, plan development and obtaining permits.


    How to choose a site for construction?

    We will tell you how to start choosing a land plot for building your own wooden house and what you should pay attention to in our post.


    mistakes during construction

    Read our article about neglecting soil features, incorrect foundation calculation, unqualified construction team and other shortcomings in eco-friendly construction.


    Your questions - our answers
    "on the construction of wooden houses"

    • Passport and identification code of the owner of the land plot to be allocated for construction. In the case of several co-owners, each of them provides the documents.
    • Documents for land ownership
    • Documents on the ownership of the house (in case of reconstruction of the house or an extension to it);
    • A copy of the general plan of the territory, if the area of the building does not exceed 500 m2. Otherwise, they will receive urban planning conditions or restrictions.
    • Sketch of building intentions or construction passport. If the building area is more than 500 m2, an architectural project with copyright documents is provided.
    • Construction passport.
    • A notice of commencement of construction work registered with the local construction and architectural inspection.

    The document is issued by the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate (SACI). A construction permit must be obtained before starting work.

    The issuance of a construction passport is provided for if the following list of documents is available:

    • the customer’s application;
    • a certified copy of the document on the right of ownership or use of the land plot;
    • preliminary intentions of the development;
    • project (if any);
    • notarized consent of the co-owners of the land plot or residential building to the development.

    A notice of commencement of construction works shall be submitted to the relevant authority (SACC) upon receipt of a construction passport no later than 1 day before the start of construction works. It gives the right to start construction work.

    The notification can be submitted through the ASC or electronically through the relevant system, having previously specified its current form. The validity of the construction permit is extended until its completion.

    A wooden house built using the right technology will last 100 years or more. Examples of this are Transcarpathian wooden churches, many of which are 300-400 years old.

    A wooden house can be built much faster than a stone house, due to the fact that wet processes are minimized, the average construction period for a regular wooden house of 150-200 m2 takes 5-7 months on a turnkey basis.

    Yes, if you already have a foundation or want to build it yourself, we don’t mind.

    For example, KOLEO provides a warranty for the houses and baths built.

    It is best to do this in advance, for example, in summer or autumn, so that when we harvest the wood in winter, we can already prepare it for your log house.

    Modern technologies allow you to make any layout in a wooden house.

    From the project. Design is one of the most important stages of construction. A preliminary design is a complete vision of the architectural and design solution of what should be obtained during the construction process. Moreover, at the design stage, you can save up to 30% of the cost during construction. This work should be done by professionals.

    The construction of the wooden part of the house does not depend on weather conditions. The only thing that needs to be taken into account in the warm season is the coating of the timber with an antiseptic that prevents the formation of blue. In winter, this is not necessary.

    To conclude the Agreement, the specialist visits the Customer’s place of residence, other agreed place or his/her summer cottage. Sometimes the Customer comes to Uzhhorod to conclude the Agreement and signs the Agreement with KOLEO on the spot.

    The shrinkage of the log house walls depends on the width of the log and the way it was made and is 4-6%. Depending on the initial moisture content of the logs, it varies between 1/20-1/30 of the wall height.

    The type of foundation required is determined by the characteristics of the soil or construction site and the size of the building. When building a wooden house, you can use all types of foundations.

    Yes. If you have the ability to make the delivery yourself, we don’t mind! Please come and pick up a wooden house kit from our production facility.

    The most comfortable in terms of sanitary and hygienic requirements and price/quality ratio are walls made of coniferous wood. Conifers are more suitable than deciduous species because they have a more regular trunk shape and are less prone to decay.

    It is very difficult to say for sure what is better to build a house from a log or a bar. Both wall materials will be produced using high-tech equipment. We use the same raw material for both types of material – Carpathian forest. Therefore, in our opinion, this choice depends on the customer’s preferences, which appearance of the house is preferred: from a rounded log or from a profiled beam.

    Yes. Moreover, winter is the best time to build a wooden house.

    Let’s be honest: for a wooden house, fire is the enemy No. 1, no matter what impregnations you use. There are no miracles, and if you are careless with fire in a wooden house, it will not end well. However, this all applies to an ordinary stone house.

    To build a wooden house on the site, you need 220V electricity and a place for a team of 4 people to live. There should be an access for heavy trucks, preferably a leveled surface of the site.

    Wood is the best natural insulation material. It is necessary to pay attention to the compliance of the roof and floor with thermal insulation standards, as well as to choose the right windows and doors. Based on our knowledge and experience, we build energy-efficient, warm houses.

    You can, but we advise you to weigh all the pros and cons when making this decision.

    So you can only buy a house kit. We ship our products all over Ukraine, as well as for export.

    Yes. We are always looking for the most suitable design solution for the client. Send us a plan of your house and we will calculate the approximate cost of the house. You can order project documentation. If you place an order for the manufacture of a house, its cost will be credited to the total cost of the house.

    Yes, it is possible. Our architect, taking into account your preferences and wishes, will design a house for the existing foundation or make the necessary changes to the project you like. We will offer various options for the design of the house. One of them will surely suit you perfectly.

    Wooden house – is a more reasonable alternative to a small city apartment with not enough space for anything. Against the backdrop of a picturesque natural landscape, a wooden structure looks harmonious. “Breathable” natural wood has a positive effect on health. Therefore, building your own wooden house from high-quality Carpathian wood is a wonderful and environmentally friendly solution for a person.

    No material in the world can compare with wood in terms of comfort of life, radiant warmth of the whole house and walls to the touch, and environmental friendliness of the material!